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[Disney XD] Beyblade (Season 1)Hindi Dubbed Episodes [HD] {Hungama TV}

Watch Online And Download Hungama Tv & Disney XD Dubbed "Beyblade (Season 1)" Hindi Dubbed All Full Episodes In 1080p,720p,HD Only On TOONWOOD

Watch Online And Download Hungama Tv & Disney XD Dubbed "Beyblade (Season 1)" Hindi Dubbed All Full Episodes In 1080p,720p,HD

Story Plot: 

A young boy named Tyson (Takao Kinomiya) enters the Japan Regional Beyblade Qualifying Tournament, where he encounters Ray Kon (Rei Kon) and Kai Hiwatari. After defeating them, they organize a team, known as the Bladebreakers, along with Max Tate (Max Mizuhara). Kenny tags along as their manager. The Bladebreakers tour to China to register for the championships, while confronting the White Tigers, Ray’s former team. It is seen that Ray’s old team holds a grudge against him for leaving them. Toward the end of the Chinese tournament, Ray and his ex-teammates make amends, and the Bladebreakers win the tournament.

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Takao Kinomiya (Tyson Granger in the English dub and the versions based on it) realises he is running late for a Beyblade battle with Andrew, the best Beyblader in town. Before Takao gets there, a member of the “Shell Killers” (“Blade Sharks” in the English dub) named Hiruta (Carlos in the English dub) fights and defeats him, taking his blade

Takao quickly loses his battle with Kai due to the latter’s Bit-Beast Dranzer. Andrew and Kyojyu inform him that the Shell Killers are looking for the ultimate Bit-Beast nobody can beat.

Takao and Kyojyu meet Max Mizuhara (Max Tate in the English dub and the versions based on it), the new kid in town, just before a puppy is washed away to a waterfall. Takao attempts to save him, but fails. Max then tries, and succeeds

The Beyblade Regional Qualifying Tournament begins as Takao, Max, and even Kyojyu enter to see if they can dethrone Kai, the reigning champion. Max wins his Block, and advances to the finals.

In the semifinals, Max goes up against Kai, the champion. Takao looks forward to fighting Rei, an undefeated Blader. The dish is based like a tower, to stay in the top for 10 seconds is how you win

The final battle of the semifinals is Takao versus Rei, an undefeated Blader. Kyojyu is working on something, and is not there for the first round. Takao and Rei clash, but Rei easily beats Takao with his stronger Bit Beast, Driger and his Tiger Claw attack, destroying Takao’s Bey.

Takao, Max and Kyojyu are working on Dragoon to ensure victory in the finals when Grandpa interrupts and reveals Takao that it is his 13th birthday! After the party, the first round ends quickly, with Takao unexpectedly defeating Kai.

As Takao, Kai, Max, Kyojyu and Rei fly to Hong Kong to prepare for the Asian Tournament, Kai “quits” the team and walks into the streets. The rest of the team try to follow him and fail when they hear a Bey spinning.

Kevin disses the Bladebreakers (especially Rei) and challenges Rei to a battle. Takao has had enough and battles Kevin instead, but he falls quickly to the Bey’s ability to wobble and multiply

The BBA Asian Tournament is underway, at the peak of a unbelievably high tower in China. The Bladebreakers and the White Tigers realize that they will eventually battle each other, and they use this against each other.

With Kyojyu working all night before the day of the Tournament, Kevin from the White Tigers tries to sneak into where they’re sleeping and steal and/or destroy Rei’s Driger. With a speech from Mariah, Kevin cannot do it, but instead steals one of Kyojyu’s data disks while he’s making tea.

Rei leaves the Bladebreakers and journeys into the mountains to try to get back Driger. Mariah finds him, beats him in battle, confronts him about his stupidity and asks him to come back to the White Tigers.

The White Tigers face the Spin Shepherds. Due to hunger, Gao loses to one member. Mariah manages to literally destroy her opponent’s Bey. But when Lee uses Rei’s special move, Rei is forced to open up about their past.

It’s the morning of the semi-finals at the Asian Beyblade Tournament and Takao manages to sleep in. The rest of the team leaves early, but Rei stays behind to make sure Takao wakes up.

The finals are about to begin in the Asian Qualifying Tournament with the winning team advancing to the World BeyBlade Championships. In the first round, Max goes against Gao from the White Tigers in a best of three battle.

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