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Trolls 2016 Full Movie [720p HD] Download [English Dubbed]

 Watch Online And Download Disney New Movies "Trolls 2016" In English Dubbed Full Movie In 720p, HD Only On TOONWOOD

Watch Online And Download Disney New Movies "Trolls 2016" In English Dubbed Full Movie In 720p, HD


The Trolls are small creatures who live in an almost perpetual state of happiness, singing, dancing, and hugging all day long. However, they are discovered by the Bergen, large creatures who never feel happy but discover that they can feel happy for a moment if they eat a Troll. The Bergen put the Trolls and their tree in a cage, and hold an annual festival in which each Bergen gets its feeling of happiness by eating a Troll. However, the Trolls, led by their King Peppy (Jeffrey Tambor), escape through underground tunnels on the day that the Bergen crown Prince Gristle Jr. (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) would eat his first Troll. The furious Bergen King Gristle Sr. (John Cleese) banishes his Chef (Christine Baranski) who was in charge of the Troll preparation.

With all the Trolls captured and soon to be served to the Bergen, even Poppy loses hope and she and all the other Trolls turn gray. Branch, despite his typical grumbling, sings for the first time since his grandmother was eaten, and reveals to Poppy through song that he loves her, to her surprise. She sings back that she loves him and restores his blue color, and they dance and hug.

Just before being served, the Trolls are rescued by Bridget who wants them to flee while she herself is ready to accept the Bergens' punishment for her "treason". However, Poppy does not want to abandon her Bergen friend. Together with the other Trolls, Poppy reveals that Bridget was, in fact, the king's mysterious date, and that, for being happy, it is not necessary to eat Trolls as the feeling that Bridget and the King had on their date was happiness too. The Trolls invite the Bergen to sing and dance with them, making the gray creatures feel the happiness that was already inside them that they just needed help to access. The vengeful Chef, who sees her newly re-won position at court jeopardized, tries to kill the Trolls. Before she can do so, she is knocked into the serving cart by a well-aimed spoon thrown by Bridget. Together, with the traitor Creek who was still in her pouch, Chef rolls out of the castle, with the cart set on fire.

In the end, the Trolls live in peace with the happy Bergen, Poppy is crowned their new queen, and with Branch regaining his blue color, they hug again.

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