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Tokyo Ghoul HINDI Dubbed All Episodes[720p,HD] Free Download

Watch Online And Download HINDI Anime Dubbed "Tokyo Ghoul" In Hindi Animex Episodes In 1080p,720p, HD Only ON TOONWOOD

Watch Online And Download HINDI Anime Dubbed "Tokyo Ghoul" In Hindi Animex Episodes In 1080p,720p, HD


The story follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who barely survives a deadly encounter with Rize Kamishiro, his date who reveals herself as a ghoul, he is taken to the hospital in critical condition. After recovering, Kaneki discovers that he underwent a surgery that transformed him into a half-ghoul. This was accomplished because some of Rize's organs were transferred into his body, and now, like normal ghouls, he must consume human flesh to survive. The ghouls who manage the coffee shop "Anteiku" take him in and teach him to deal with his new life as a half-ghoul. Some of his daily struggles include fitting into the ghoul society, as well as keeping his identity hidden from his human companions.

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Episodes-1: Tragedy
Ken Kaneki is a young man who befriends the beautiful and enigmatic Rize Kamishiro, unaware that she is a ghoul. Rize reveals her intentions to eat Kaneki but by a stroke of luck Kaneki survives her attack but is mortally wounded. He is saved by an emergency operation, transferring Rize's organs into himself. This subsequently turns him into a half-ghoul half-human hybrid and Kaneki struggles to survive and cope by himself. 

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Episodes-2: Incubation
Kaneki struggles to adapt to his new nature with no success until another ghoul, Nishiki Nishio attempts to prey on his friend Hideyoshi Nagachika and he must fight to protect him.

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Episodes-3: Dove
After saving his friend, Kaneki is taken in by Yoshimura, a ghoul who run the Cafe "Anteiku", who teaches him to blend in human society while hiding his true nature. However, he gets bullied by another ghoul named Touka

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