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Digimon Xros Wars Episodes In HINDI [HD]

Watch Online Or Download Digimon Xros Wars Hindi Episodes!

Digimon Xros Wars Episodes In HINDI [HD]

Taiki Kudō, a 7th grade boy, heard a mysterious melody and followed it to an alley where a mysterious, legendary Digivice called the Xros Loader appeared in front of him. Accompanied by his friends, Akari Hinomoto and Zenjirō Tsurugi, they were dragged into the Digital World. They soon realized that the Digital World was a place inhabited by living creatures named Digimon and is now slowly being taken over by an evil empire named the Bagra Army. Now, Taiki and his "Xros Heart" team become an important figure to free the world from the Bagra Army, led by their Emperor Bagramon.
When the Digital World was separated into 108 Zones with an element named "Code Crown" placed in each Zone, it invites few parties to collect the Code Crown to claim each Zone, to achieve the goal into uniting and taking over the Digital World. Feeling the strong responsibility to save the world, Taiki forms his own group named Xros Heart, which is considered a strong threat to the Bagra Army, and battles along with some other parties including another human boy, Kiriha Aonuma, and his Blue Flare group. Also a human girl, Nene Amano, with her team Twilight.

    Digimon Xros Wars Season 1 In HINDI

Episode 01- Taiki Gaya Digi Duniya Mein! [HINDI]

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The story begins with a seventh-grade boy named Taiki Kudō dreaming of commanding a Digimon army. The next day, Taiki spots a red creature flickering in static and hears a mysterious voice which presents him with a Xros Loader, into which the creature is absorbed. 

Episode 02- Shoutmon, Roar! [HINDI]

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With the addition of more humans, his forces being decimated by the mysterious boy with a Fusion Loader of his own, a livid MadLeomon decides to rectify this turn of events. Taken by Shoutmon to see the Village of Light, Taiki and his friends encounter Jijimon and learn of the Bagra Army before the village is being bombed by a Pteramon.

Episode 03- Samne Ayaa Virodhi,Kiriha [HINDI]

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After he and the other generals meet with their shadowed leader Bagramon over the matter of the new human, Tactimon gives MadLeomon a final chance to redeem himself while sending a Drimogemon into the Forest Zone.

Episode 04- Island Zone Par Hamla! [HINDI]

Download [71MB] 720p HD

After introducing herself, revealing that the Digital World was broken up into Zones, Nene explains to the Fusion Fighters that a Code Crown fragment is proof of ownership of a Zone and gathering them all would allow one to rule the Digital World. Nene then teaches Taiki how to Zone Transfer.

Episode 05- Digimemory Chamkega! [HINDI]

Download [74MB] 720p HD

After Neptunmon learns the location of the Code Crown from Archelomon, Taiki and his friends see a platoon of Flymon with DigiBites and dynamite to lure out the Code Crown's guardian: a huge Digimon named KingWhamon who is the island. 

Download [74MB] HD 720p

Neptunmon uses Archelomon as ransom for the Code Crown and DigiCards. Before Taiki can give up the items, having heard of the Fusion Fighters' progress from Nene, Christopher arrives on MailBirdramon and takes out some of the Seadramon while offering to deal with the rest in return for the DigiCards.

Episode 07- Volcano Digimon,Jwalamukhi Ka Hamla! [HINDI]

Download [73MB] HD 720p

The Fusion Fighters arrive in the Magma Zone and decide to take a dip in the hot springs before they are ambushed by an army of RedMeramon under SkullMeramon and his aide BlueMeramon.

Episode 08- Mahan General Tactimon Aa Rahe Hain! [HINDI]

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Realizing that prolonging the fight might cause the caves to collapse and kill the prisoners, Taiki decides to surrender and gives AncientVolcanomon a fake Fusion Loader. With Shoutmon the only member of the Fusion Fighters not to realize the deception.

Episode 09- Dorulumon Jo Hawa Se Batein Karta Hain! [HINDI]

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Despite learning that Dorulumon was a member of the Bagra Army, Taiki says that he still trusts him as Tactimon summons his Sword of Storms and uses it to separate Taiki and Dorulumon from the others while taking the Fusion Loader. With AncientVolcanomon and his forces gather.

Episode 10- Taiki Baan Gaya Ek Knight! [HINDI]

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Arriving in the Lake Zone, Taiki and his friends find a group of frozen Digimon before hearing a voice calling out. Noting it to be similar to Shoutmon, Taiki learns that the Zone's warrior Knightmon has been defeated on the verge of drowning in the nearly frozen lake. 

Episode 11- Xros Heart,Chalo! [HINDI]

Download Link [67MB] HD 720p

Watching the still unconscious Taiki being watched over by Beastmon, Angie begins to question her usefulness to the others as Jeremy is commanding the Fusion Fighters to hold off IceDevimon's army.

Episode 12- TimeZone Aur Khandoro Ka Romanchak Safar! [HINDI]

Download Link [69MB] HD 720p

While traveling through the portal to the next Zone, the Fusion Fighters notice land masses floating around. Jijimon briefly emerges, telling them that those are DigiWorld Zones they have acquired and how they were each originally part of a single Digital World prior to the true Code Crown being shattered. 

Episode 13- Athena,Ka Yodha! [HINDI]

Download Link [71MB] HD 720p

merging from the ruins as Blastmon continues his battle with Cyberdramon and Sparrowmon, the Fusion Fighters find themselves under fire by Reapmon as Taiki attempts to get his Fusion Loader. Reapmon only allows it out of fairness after seeing the nearby cliff he shot at break off to reveal a statue, engaging Shoutmon ×4 before Blastmon unleashes an attack that hits the surrounding area with Taiki knocked off the cliff while everyone take covers.

Episode 14- Yodha Beelzemon Ka Aandaz! [HINDI]

Download Link [69MB] HD 720p

After Reapmon was fatally wounded by Laylamon, him and Shoutmon ×4 unable to reach him, Taiki is instructed by Pharaohmon to use the Sand Zone's Code Crown which rises a pyramid that unites the other pyramids into a shrine of healing with a barrier erected to keep the Fusion Fighters safe from the Bagra Army.  

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